We share our light,
to help you shine.

Providing mental health support
for children, youth, and their families.

We share our light,
to help you shine.

Providing mental health support
for children, youth, and their families.

Equality Awareness Compassion

Who we are

We listen, understand, and improve lives.

Brighter Days focuses on children and young adults with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other mental health needs within the underserved communities. By offering support in the home, office, and community, we create an environment where children, youth, and their families can thrive.

Programs & Services

We provide the tools for your success.

Parental Support Program
Parents need help too. We offer support groups and training seminars for parents and caregivers, to find what works best for their child. When a parent or caregiver had better coping skills and tools to communicate, the home becomes a place of joy.
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Individual and Family Therapy
The Brighter Days team knows that it takes a village to care for a child with mental health needs. We are here to provide individual and family therapy for children, their caregivers and siblings.
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ABA Assist Program
When it's clear that a child and their family need a more intensive approach, our ABA Assist Program provides that. Whether on-site or in the home, we develop a schedule and a plan to accommodate the needs of both family and child so everyone succeeds.
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Lifeline Program
Our strategies for youth and LGBTQIA+ youth suicide prevention, provide resources that allow young people to feel heard and acknowledged within their family unit, and help them on the journey to becoming themselves.
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Past Events

Upcoming Events

Parenting Seminar


3:30 PM – 6:30 PM EDT

*Seating is limited. Reserve today by phone or Email: info@brightherfi.org


Elementary and Middle school students looking for a soccer academy with behavioral health services.

3:30 PM – 6:30 PM EDT


Our Impact

We’ve made it possible for thousands of people in the greater Miami area, and the country of Colombia, to receive mental health care and support since opening our doors in 2011. Through donations, fundraising events, and partner sponsorships we continue to spread awareness and remain a resource for children, their families and the community.


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We need you !

Our programs and services are possible through the generosity of people who believe in our mission. In other words — we can't do it without you! Please join us to support the families who need it most.